What Clients Say

ooh la la Moolah helps individuals and families live the lavish life


For some clients, we manage their finances for them, including paying their bills and handling their investments.


For others, we give them the tools and resources to better manage their own finances.


All of them will tell you that they are able to reach their financial goals as a result of ooh la la Moolah teaching them how to Budget Properly, helping them Get out of Debt, and Assisting them with Investing.


ooh la la Moolah Client Testimonials


" The call to ooh la la Moolah was the best thing that I could have done. The short time that they have been working with me has turned my finances right around. With the advice and help that they have been giving me, I am not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. This is really helpful to me because my paycheck varies week to week. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck I have money in the bank. I also have credit card debt and never seemed to be able to get ahead. Now with ooh la la Moolah, I have a clear-cut plan and an actual date when I will be debt free! I highly recommend ooh la la Moolah. "

- Steve L.

Kalamazoo, MI


" When my mother passed away, I inherited shares of stock from several different companies, and I needed to transfer ownership of the stock out of my mother's name and into my own name. On the advice of a well intended person, I secured the services of a major financial advisor. This was a big mistake. Instead of performing this simple task, the financial advisor tried to get me to turn my stock over to them so they could charge me a huge fee. Frustrated, I turned to ooh la la Moolah. They helped me get the information I needed to simply transfer my name onto the stock. The information I received from ooh la la Moolah was helpful, quick and easy to understand. I would highly recommend ooh la la Moolah for a variety of financial needs. "

- Dean T.

Portage, MI


" Until sitting down with ooh la la Moolah, we were living check to check. We'd pay our bills and would have little or no money left in the bank each month. Finding the time to even keep the checkbook balanced and get the checks in the mail on time seemed difficult. We seemed to just be treading water with our credit card debt. Other than our retirement plans through our employers, we had no savings and definitely no knowledge of investing. We knew we needed to make improvements in our financial situation. We'd listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio and purchased his workbook and budgeting software, but we needed someone to help us on a more personal level.


Ten months later, after taking that first step with ooh la la Moolah, we've already come so far and learned so much. Now, we know how to easily keep track of every dollar and our finances are completely organized in dedicated funds with the tools provided by ooh la la Moolah. We have future bills planned for and paid for. We have more money in our checking account on a consistent basis than we've ever had! We're earning interest on that money we have in the bank instead of paying overdraft fees. We have an emergency fund so we don't get in to situations where we have to use a credit card. We're already learning about investing and planning for the future. ooh la la Moolah is giving us the direction and empowerment we need to become free of debt and build our wealth.


We highly recommend not waiting a minute to call ooh la la Moolah. "

- Steve & Heather C.

Portage, MI


" When working a part time job you're only making so much money. ooh la la Moolah really helped me to budget what little money I had so I could afford the things I needed. With that help I was able to pay for a car in cash and put some money into investments. ooh la la Moolah was also able to help me rollover my 401K when I switched jobs. With all this help I would recommend that you use this company. "

- Amanda C.

Portage, MI


" When my employer said I would have to decide whether to pay a percentage of my pay check into my pension fund or pay that percentage into a 401K with an employer match I couldn't decide which way to go. ooh la la Moolah helped me crunch the numbers and showed me which option would make me the most money for my retirement. It was a pleasant and confidence building experience and I would recommend ooh la la Moolah to anyone looking for answers to financial questions. "

- Marti C.

Portage, MI


" ooh la la Moolah really helped me get back on track with my finances. They really listen and work out a plan to help ensure you feel comfortable with the steps you may need to take in order to reach your financial goals. Their advice is wonderful, and even though I personally may not have followed it all (like I should have!) most of the things they stated to me ring in my head and I follow them to this day. They will support you in the way you need it, and will support any decision you make. I do recommend the services provided as they do pay off in the long run. "

- Emily H.

Portage, MI