ooh la la Moolah helps individuals and families live the lavish life

"With the advice and help that ooh la la Moolah has been giving me, I am not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck I have money in the bank."

- Steve L.

Kalamazoo, MI

The ooh la la Moolah System of Using Money the Right Way


ooh la la Moolah system of Using Money the Right Way

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How The System Works:


Stage 1: Proper Money Management ("Foundation Mode") - Build a Budget Plan to stop living Paycheck to Paycheck, Build an Emergency Fund, Get Out of and Stay Out of Debt, and create Money Available for Investing.


Stage 2: Wealth Creation ("Growth Mode") - Once you have $3,000 in an Emergency Fund, $1,000 stays liquid for emergencies, and $2,000 can be invested in order to grow your wealth.


Stage 3: Wealth Utilization ("Income Mode") - You've reached Financial Independence. Quit your job (if you're not passionate about what you do). Do what you are passionate about, whether that is starting your own business doing what you love, or dedicating time to volunteer. Never worry about money again.




Budget Planning Session


Green Checkmark2-Hour Personalized Budget Planning Session and assistance setting up an Automated Budget


Includes a personalized copy of your Budget Plan:

Budget Spreadsheet


Debt Elimination Planning


Green CheckmarkPut a plan in place and have a date set to become debt free!


Debt Elimination Planning Spreadsheet


Credit Report Review



Check your credit report annually to:

Green CheckmarkGet advice for rebuilding and maintaining good credit

Green CheckmarkCorrect any inaccurate information that may be hurting your credit

Green CheckmarkDiscover identity theft


Equifax Credit Report Sample


1 Hour of Personal Finance Mentoring Services


Budgeting Assistance & Accountability

Debt Elimination Planning

Credit Report Review/Credit Repair Assistance

Investment Education

Remote assistance with online banking, online brokerage accounts, etc.

Assisted telephone calls to bill vendors, financial institutions, etc.


*All services are provided online via web conference or over the phone


Investing Education:

Debt Elimination Planning IncludedStock Options Trading Courses available at: Learn how to trade Options to grow wealth!


Trade Options Better